Track 1

Track 1 Follower Enrollment Spring 2023

Upper division (junior/senior) and lower division (fresher/sophomore) undergraduate students who intend to get enrolled in academic courses, learn advanced physics, and take part in outreach activities of Community of Physics (CP) in the forthcoming year, should get enrolled through the ongoing procedure of Track 1 Follower Enrollment. Early application is closed but the regular application is still going on!

On the successful completion of the  enrollment process, the followers will get the opportunity to take part in the course “PHY 111: Prelusive Natural Philosophy”, where they (followers) get to learn all the necessary mathematics and physics to build a solid background in fundamental physics. Upon completing the course successfully, the followers need to enroll in the “PHY 821: Advanced Classical Electromagnetism I” in order to continue the standard track towards the membership requirement. However, a follower with an exceptional performance in PHY 111 may also get enrolled in or “PHY 841: Advanced General Relativity I”. Note that failure to enroll in PHY 811 shall not necessarily expel a follower from CP, but may be sidelined to a non-standard track.One the consecutive years, the follower shall have opportunities to enroll on courses on further topics. A total of 36 credits with coursework and research works comprises the completion of Track 1 path. 

PHY 111: Prelusive Natural Philosophy starts on Saturday, January 08, 2023. It is a six-months-long course spanning over only a single semi-annual term. On the other hand, PHY 821: Advanced Classical Electromagnetism I is the first segment of a four-segment course “PHY 820: Advanced Classical Electromagnetism”. The course PHY 820 starts on Friday, July 01, 2023.

Enthusiastic upper division (junior/senior) and lower division (fresher/sophomore) undergraduate students majoring in Physics, Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering residing near Dhaka, Bangladesh can get enrolled through Track 1 and take part in the above-mentioned courses. Undergraduate students majoring in other science and engineering fields should contact us at before applying. 

Applicants who complete their application process before October 31, 2022 shall be considered as Early Applicants. Early applicants will enjoy the benefit of getting into the program with a higher probability as most of the attendees shall be chosen from the early applicants.  

Applicants who complete their application process after October 31, 2022 before the usual deadline of November 30, 2022 shall be considered as regular Applicants.

Upon availability, only 25 applicants will be chosen. However, vacancies are expected to fill up mostly from early applications, and there will be a small opening for regular applications.

The classes of PHY 111 begin on January 08, 2023. The course consists of 24 classes (on Saturdays, 4 hours each), 2 midterm examinations, and 1 final examination. Classes of PHY 111 end on June 18, 2021. The classes of PHY 820 start on July 01, 2021. In the course of PHY 820, there will be 96 classes (on Fridays, 4 hours each), 96 homework assignments, 8 midterm examinations, and 4 final examinations. The course ends on June 16, 2024. All the activities and classes will be conducted in-person.

Let us give you overviews on the first two courses. The rest of the details shall be provided as you go along.

PHY 111 will teach the necessary mathematics and philosophy of science to study classical mechanics and classical electromagnetism. This includes single-variable, multivariable, vector, and tensor calculus. It will also teach differential equations and Fourier analysis.

In PHY 820, the focus will be on classical mechanics of particles and fields. This two-year-long course, split in four quartiles, is designed to teach one of the important core subjects of physics with exceptional details.

The first segment of the course, PHY 811, will start from Newton’s law and explore concepts of mass, energy, momentum, different forces, and applications of the theory to tackle oscillations, projectile and gravitation related problems along with the necessary mathematics.

The second segment, PHY 812, continues to explore mechanics focusing on analytical mechanics with significant rigor. Developing the theory of Lagrangian mechanics, one will apply it to study motion under central force, mechanics in non-inertial frame, mechanics of rigid bodies, and coupled oscillation.

The third segment, PHY 813, introduces dynamics by developing theories of Hamiltonian mechanics, canonical transformation, Hamilton-Jacobi theory and apply it to study mechanics of periodic systems, classical perturbation theory, non-linear mechanics and chaos, special theory of relativity, and control theory. This quartile mostly shows an emphasis on application of Hamiltonian dynamics.

The fourth and the final segment, PHY 814, explores the most advanced topics of classical mechanics to date, which includes classical field theory, acoustics, theory of elasticity, fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics, and ends by developing the theory of quantum mechanics.

Like all other courses offered by the Community of Physics, the courses offered through Track 1 are free of cost. There is a small application cost of BDT 100 for processing your application. 

No, we have a strict policy of not making the recordings of the class lectures public. That is why you should not (and must not) miss the lectures.

The prospective followers must complete their applications through the “Application Portal” for Track 1 Follower Enrollment Spring 2023. On the successful submission of their applications, the applicants will be added to a Google Classroom, where they will be asked to upload their academic documents (e.g., academic transcripts). In Google Classroom, the prospective followers will upload their answer scripts and sit for the “Track 1 Entrance Examination” (a take-home test of 100 marks). After finishing the aforesaid segments, the followers will be invited to schedule and attend an interview over Skype. Upon successful completion of all the above-mentioned segments, the “Track 1 Follower Enrollment Committee” will make the decision regarding the application. Accepted followers will be provided with CP Moodle accounts to access the courses they intend to enroll in.

The applicants of Track 1 will be informed through their emails. Therefore, all applicants are requested to keep an eye on their email inboxes. We suggest looking into the spam folder once in a while as the emails end up there sometimes.

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