About Us

The Community of Physics (CP) is an institution that works to advance physics education and research. It administers academic courses on the major branches of physics. To push the frontier, CP runs research projects on fundamental physics. The institution also organizes outreach programs to promote physics among students.


CP envisions to establish a robust research institution for fundamental physics in Bangladesh by 2058. The detailed plan of work is laid out in a ‘four-decadal roadmap’, effective from July 01, 2018.


CP’s current mission is to

  • Run fundamental theoretical research projects on physics
  • Run full-length courses on the six major areas of physics


Community of Physics (CP) began its journey on December 16, 2013 as an organization whose then announced mission was to popularize physics among the students by providing them a platform to discuss and share knowledge on the subject. The idea of the organization was conceived and brought about by a group of students from the University of Dhaka; and carried itself along as an independent organization thereafter.

In 2014, it inaugurated its online journey first by publishing its Facebook page on July 1st and later (December 24), its website. On April 16, 2014, CP launched its first course on Classical Electromagnetism albeit in an unregulated manner. On July 15 of the same year, CP commenced the operation of Clock Pulse, a mini-laboratory to facilitate research on physics. To provide the members with necessary books and journal articles, the organization started a circulating library, named Carved Papyrus on April 12, 2015. CP made their first outreach activity by organizing a workshop on June 12, 2015.

Following 2015, CP experienced a rapid structural transformation. The members as well as followers (students) of CP gathered on May 23, 2016, marking its first annual general meeting (AGM), a key tradition that is followed every year since then. In July of that year, CP conceived its plans for the two-year scheme for each of its six fundamental courses. In the following year, CP published its first research paper. Later in 2017, it also introduced GTC (Global Telephone Conference) in order to maintain smooth communication among its members residing worldwide. In 2018, CP introduced its second membership track (Track 2). It also introduced the Contemporary Natural Philosophy (CNP), a prerequisite to its successive course General Relativity in Brief (GRB) and CP’s first professional course: Management and Professional Development, i.e. MPD. June 27, 2020 marks the first successful completion of the run of a 2-year long fundamental course (Classical Mechanics, which started on July 6, 2018).

The outreach works conducted by CP also evolved substantially over the course of time. In 2019 CP was invited by the SUST Science Arena to administer their undergraduate physics Olympiad test. Later that year, CP conducted its own physics Olympiad called ‘Physics Hustle’, aimed for pre-university students. CP has also organized 15+ workshops in total.

  • Phone:     +880 1521-252671
  • Email:      contact@cpbd.ac
  • Address:  House 11/3, Road 12, Kallyanpur,
       Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh