Division of Outreach

“If you aren’t confused by quantum mechanics, you haven’t really understood it.” – Neils Bohr

Division of Outreach:

The Division of Outreach was established on June 19, 2015. It has been an integral part of Community of Physics (CP) since the beginning and its scopes and activities are being bolstered everyday.

The primary aim of this division is to organize workshops, seminars and other associated activities to promote Physics and CP to masses in Bangladesh and beyond. It has organized numerous workshops throughout the years and consequently created a strong base of physics enthusiasts that spans students from others disciples too.

The division arranged its first workshop back in June, 2015. Since then, the division has organized 11 workshops altogether, which are listed below:

  1. 1st Workshop on Differential Equations (12 Jun 2015 – 17 Jun 2015)
  2. 1st Workshop on Vector Calculus (28 Dec 2015 – 2 Jan 2016)
  3. 1st Workshop on Classical Mechanics: From Newton to Lagrange (17 Feb 2016 – 21 Feb 2016)
  4. 1st Workshop on Classical Electromagnetism (12 Jul 2016 – 16 Jul 2016)
  5. 2nd Workshop on Differential Equations (11 Oct 2016 – 14 Oct 2016)
  6. 1st Workshop on Relativity: The Speed of Light is the Limit (21 Dec 2016 – 25 Dec 2016)
  7. 2nd Workshop on Vector Calculus: A Story of Curved Space (27 Sep 2017 – 2 Oct 2017)
  8. 2nd Workshop on Relativity: A Tale of Spacetime (26 Feb 2018 – 3 Mar 2018)
  9. 2nd Workshop on Classical Mechanics: Through the Eyes of Giants (14 Oct 2018 – 18 Oct 2018)
  10. 1st Workshop on Differential Geometry: Einstein’s Insight (15 Jun 2019 – 21 Jun 2019)
  11. 3rd Workshop on Differential Equations: A Gateway to Physics (6 Oct 2019 – 9 Oct 2019)
  12. 2nd Workshop on Classical Electromagnetism (forthcoming)

Although workshops take up significant efforts, the Division of Outreach fulfills a lot of other duties. To promote physics to high school students, it organized Physics Hustle on June 21, 2019. Physics Hustle is the regular physics competition organised by CP, and it saw participation from all around the country.

Division of Outreach is also dedicated to bringing physicists together, therefore it arranges events that invite physicists to interact in a social atmosphere. This effort is embodied by the event ‘Iftaar with Physicists’. Physicists from all backgrounds are invited here to enjoy and celebrate each other’s company on a courteous occasion. In truth, ‘Iftaar with Physicists’ predates the Division of Outreach itself, since the first one took place back in July 12, 2014.

Division of Outreach also manages the presence of Community of Physics in social media. One of the most regular places where the original contents can be found is the Tumblr blog of CP. It discusses not only fundamental Physics, but also relevant thoughts, history and philosophy. Our YouTube channel also publishes original contents on Physics and relevant aspects. You can find conceptual videos, lectures, live classes etc. on this channel.