Upcoming | 2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry

We are delighted to announce our upcoming workshop, titled ‘2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry’. In this workshop, we will discuss the basic concepts of exterior calculus and its applications in physics, especially in the electromagnetic fields and general relativity.

The early applications of the idea of calculus date back to Greek and Mesopotamian mathematics. But it’s been more than three hundred years since we’ve formally combined the concept of differentiation and integration, and the field has made tremendous advancements in various directions. Differential geometry is one of those essential directions. Community of Physics previously organized a workshop on the differential geometry of manifolds.

This time are offering a workshop on exterior calculus. Exterior calculus is a branch of differential geometry. It tells us how to perform differentiation and integration to a differentiable manifold of arbitrary dimensions. It smoothens our path to understand the manifolds that are not flat. Exterior calculus generalizes the “fundamental theorem of calculus” to the “generalized Stokes’ theorem”.

Any undergraduate student from any major can apply to participate in this workshop. However, we expect a strong statement of purpose (SOP) in the application.

Like all other endeavors of CP, participating in ‘2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry’ will be free of costs. However, we humbly request you to invite all your friends to join the workshop.

Yes, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are going to conduct this workshop online over ‘Google Meet’. The selected participants will be added to a Google Classroom where further instructions will be provided.

No, we have a strict policy of not making the recordings of the workshops public. That is why you should not (and must not) miss the lectures.

The ‘2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry’ starts on Sunday, December 05, 2021 at 09:00 AM (Bangladesh Standard Time). It will be a four-days-long workshop, concluding on Wednesday, December 08, 2021 at 06:00 PM.

Submit your application to join ‘2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry’ through the “Application Form” below. If selected, we will provide you the further instructions. 

Keep an eye on the Facebook event page of ‘2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry’. We will post the lists of selected applicants there periodically.

The “Application Portal for 2nd Workshop on Differential Geometry” closes on Friday, December 03, 2021. Hurry up and submit your application before it’s too late.

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