Sheikh Ismail Hossain

Sheikh Ismail Hossain

Controller of Finance

11/3, Road 12, Kallyanpur, Dhaka


Sheikh Ismail Hossain is currently an undergraduate student at University of Dhaka. He joined Community of Physics in 2018 as the Administrator of Library. Currently, he is designated as Controller of Finance and is involved in teaching and research there. He reviews books in his spare time.


Research Interests

Sheikh Ismail Hossain's current research interest includes bound states of electric quadrupole, and chaos characteristics of quadrupole-monopole interactions. His interests also include the fouling transformation in general relativity.


Bachelor of Science in Physics

University of Dhaka, Degree Expected: 2022

Office of Registrar, University Campus, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Courses Taught

PHY 814: Advanced Classical Mechanics IV

Community of Physics (two times; 2020, 2022)

PHY 813: Advanced Classical Mechanics III

Community of Physics (two times; 2019, 2021)

PHY 812: Advanced Classical Mechanics II

Community of Physics (2021)

PHY 811: Advanced Classical Mechanics I

Community of Physics (2020)

PHY 111: Prelusive Natural Philosophy

Community of Physics (2018)

Awards and Grants